Jody Lovejoy


North Fort Myers, FL


I love sharing my passion of what I saw yesterday to share with you today. The photographs of wildlife are special, with the world loosing this precious beauty slowly overtime, we may only know these animals by pictures of yesterday. Reflections is a magnet to me for seeing life from a different view. The landscapes that crisscross over the horizons are present in my interputation of what catches my eye. Please enjoy today, I know I have and look forward to seeing more tomorrow. Jody Lovejoy

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I Love Comments...Comments...Comments !!! What you think and say helps me be a better photographer. So don't be shy..well maybe a little kind...=) on what you say. Seriously, I like knowing what brought you to look at my piece of photography. Thank you for your time in peeking and purchasing. Thank you.

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Costa Rica Red Eye Frog II by Jody Lovejoy


A Walk on the Beach by Jody Lovejoy


Panda Feast by Jody Lovejoy


Velvet Brown Pelican by Jody Lovejoy


Pelican by Jody Lovejoy


Pelican II Oil Painting by Jody Lovejoy


Shadow Mirror Reflection by Jody Lovejoy


Pelican Swim by Jody Lovejoy


Pelican Swim II by Jody Lovejoy


Pelican Swim III Color Pencil by Jody Lovejoy


Raindrop Reflections by Jody Lovejoy


Morning Sip by Jody Lovejoy


Morning Sip II by Jody Lovejoy